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C&H Plumbing is a family affair. Owned and operated by the Baum family. Jace Baum started in the plumbing industry over 20 years ago in Mesa, AZ. Jace and Lindsay were married soon after and as their family started to grow, sights were set on “home.” Both had been born and spent a good deal of their lives in Arizona’s White Mountains.

When the opportunity arose, they jumped at the chance to start their own company and serve the people and communities they loved in North Eastern Arizona. And so, White Mountain Plumbing, Inc. was born in August of 2005 in Snowflake, AZ. Jace working long hours in the field and Lindsay in the office. White Mountain Plumbing, Inc. was by and large a new construction company. The housing and building industry boomed those first years and our company grew. We worked closely with general contractors and homeowners alike and owe our success to those many satisfied customers.

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